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Northern Star International Competition

Date: January 17-20, 2019

Northern Star Competition Begins


What is Northern Star?

Northern Star International Skating Competition is our local skating competition hosted by the City of East Grand Forks and Northern Lights Figure Skating Club. This competition involves anywhere between 170-190 Individual Skaters that compete in 6 different events that are determined between the skater, parent and individual coach. Events include: Free Skate, Compulsory, Short Program, Spins, Solo Dance and Dramatic and Light Entertainment Showcase Events.  Skaters range in age from 6-18. From various skating clubs.

Along with the Individual Competition there is also a Synchronized Skating Competition. On an average, 24-30 synchronized skating teams come here to compete and show off their amazing skills.

There approximately 12-16 judges and officials coming from all over the United States. These individuals provide there skating expertise on a volunteer basis. NLFSC pays their expenses to get them to our competition and while they are here for the duration of the competition.

Northern Star takes approximately 1 year to plan and organize. This competition is an organized effort between Parents, Coaches, Skaters and Volunteers who donate their time to make this competition a success from year to year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail:

Click above for more hotel details

Click above for more hotel details

A block of double queen rooms are available under:
Northern Star Skating Competition
514 Gateway Drive NE,
East Grand Forks, MN, 56721


Northern Star is run by volunteers!
We ask each parent of an Individual skater competing in Northern Star Individual Competition to please VOLUNTEER FOR 3 SHIFTS

All Synchro skater parents (not skating individually), please VOLUNTEER FOR 1 SHIFT
(Concessions shifts do not count as  Northern Star Shifts)

2019 Registration is Open!

Northern Lights FSC

P.O. Box 132
East Grand Forks, MN

VFW Arena

711 3rd St SE
East Grand Forks, MN 56721
Tel: (218) 773-1851
Google Map

Civic Center

300 15th St NE
East Grand Forks, MN 56721
Tel: (218) 773-0337
Google Map

Get Involved Today!!!
The best way to learn more about the sport of skating is to GET INVOLVED. Now is a great opportunity to be a part of the Northern Star Skating Competition. We are currently looking for people to Co-Chair several of our Committees. Please contact Karen Peterson. 

2019 Northern Star Committee List

Northern Star Co-Chairs: Karen Peterson Tracy Anderson
Synchro Coordinators Nicole Lukach Kristin Batko
Sanctioning for Club Karen Peterson
Committee Members
Advertising Emily Tinkham
Announcements Karen Peterson Tracy Anderson
Entryeeze/Events Co-ordinator Karen Peterson Tracy Anderson
Registration Desk Holly Messelt
Clothing Sales Holly Messelt Holly Wavra
Competitor Gifts: Holly Messelt Holly Wavra
Vendors/Photographer Melissa Marcott
Concessions Mike Peterson
Sport Medicine Jodi Stauss Stassen
Judges Airline Transp. & Gifts: Carla Spokely
Transportation Mike Peterson
Program Nicole Pape
Publicity/CVB Joely Lee
Ice Monitors/Announcers & Music Michelle Gregoire
Dibs Tracy Anderson
Accounting Room Linda Boman
Funds Tonya Parton
Awards Danette Coulter Kelly Gahlon
Judges & Coaches Hospitality Kelly Kimball Audrea Burke Becca Jundt
Decorating/Locker Rooms: Rachael Hansen
Signs/Forms: (create & print)) Joely Lee
Dress Swap Karina Rude Mellissa Walski