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USFSA Testing

Welcome to the NLFSC Testing Page

When registering your skater for the test session prices are based on club membership.  The following are the definitions:

Member (Northern Lights Figure Skating Club)
Associate Member (Northern Lights Figure Skating Club)
Non-Member (Skaters from all other clubs)

Testing schedule will be posted on the NLFSC website prior to the beginning of the test session.

Skaters are required to arrive 60 minutes prior to their scheduled test session.   There are instances where we may get off schedule.  If we are ahead of schedule, this will allow us to continue moving forward.  If we are behind, we will do our very best to get back on our testing schedule.


2020 test dates:
Feb. 28-March 1st, 2020

Practice Ice

Skaters are allowed to be on the ice 30 minutes prior to the start of their lesson and 30 minutes after their lesson.  Please be cognizant of your scheduled time with the dance partner schedules are tight and we want all of the skaters to get their assigned time with the dance partner.