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Practice Ice will be held on Friday, December 20, at the VFW arena.

December Test Session Registration is Now Closed


The test structure is often called the “backbone of U.S. Figure Skating.” Starting with the first test you take, through your entire career, it is the national standard that you are measured against. When you fill out applications for just about everything in figure skating,the first question will be “What is the highest U.S. Figure Skating Test passed?”

U.S. Figure Skating tests are offered in the following tracks:
1.Moves in the Field
2.Free Skate
3.Pattern Dance or Solo Pattern Dance
4.Free Dance or Solo Free Dance
The level you enter in competitions is determined by your highest test passed, often sessions at rinks are divided by the skaters’ test levels, and skaters registering for a camp or clinic are divided by test level. Each U.S. Figure Skating test that you pass goes on your permanent record, and is an achievement you always carry with you. In fact, your tests passed and your placement at qualifying competitions are the ONLY things on your U.S. Figure Skating record. U.S. Figure Skating’s test structure can be compared to karate, and the process of an athlete earning belts until they achieve their black belt. Another comparison in the Boy Scout program, where boys advance through levels and ultimately strive to become Eagle Scouts. In each figure skating discipline, there are either six or eight test levels, with the highest one being either “Senior” or “Gold”.

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Dec 20-22: NLFSC USFS Test Session
  Partner Practice-Fri., Dance-Sat., MIF and Freeskste-Sun.
Jan 3-5: Foot of the Lake (Fond du Lac)
Jan 15-19: Midwesterns (Kansas)
Jan 23-26: Northern Star
Feb 14-16: RRV International Classic

Feb. 28-March 1st NLFSC USFS Test Session
Partner Practice-Fri., Dance-Sat., MIF and Freeskste-Sun.
TBD: NLFSC Learn to Skate Competition

Northern Lights FSC

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Tel: (218) 773-0337
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VFW Arena

711 3rd St SE
East Grand Forks, MN 56721
Tel: (218) 773-1851
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